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09:59pm 17/05/2005

Oh dear, she's moving on.






i want your 星星
10:05pm 05/05/2005
i want your 星星
Kouichi/Kouji Fandom post   
08:56pm 04/05/2005
  I would have made more Kouji icons, but I couldn't find many lyrics that matched Kouji. I'll keep listening though, and soon you'll probably get a Kouji related post.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Comment, credit, & take. :)

1. Everyone should know what this song is from.
2. Be My Escape, Relient K
3. The Scientist, Coldplay
4. Kimura Kouichi Character Song; Oreta Tsubasa De (With Broken Wings)
5. The Astronaut, Something Corporate
i want your 星星
Digimon Frontier Character Descriptions   
11:28pm 02/05/2005

Digimon Frontier Character Descriptions. It's long, so I put it under a cut.Collapse )

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About Paranoid, Antisocial, and Avoidant personality disorders   
01:52pm 29/04/2005

my lame science report.Collapse )

i want your 星星
01:00am 19/04/2005
  Today I found the opportunity in store for things such as mp3 websites of large amounts of Cardcaptor Sakura free downloadable music.

Card Captor Sakura has very pretty, melodic, and just lovely songs.
When I get the chance I'll download the rest I missed. But seriously, I must have gotten up around 20 songs. Yay.

I <3 CCS music.

This song is so pretty. I envy soprano singers.

i want your 星星
11:04pm 03/04/2005
  I want you to tell me anything you want. or ask me anything you want. AS ANONYMOUS. don't leave your username.

ANY kind of question or anything.
if you want to bitch me out, say what you've always wanted to say to me behind 'anonymous', go for it.
the best part is, I'll never figure out who you are. and I'll reply to every comment.
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10:13am 13/02/2005
2 個小星星 //i want your 星星
06:30pm 06/01/2005
  Are you ready to begin living? You’ve lived your entire life coveted, covered by the laden arms of society. They protected you, with love and tenderness etching in their path. You’ve lived your life shadowed among the happiness. It is time to feel the pain, like our fathers did to let us live in the abundance and prosperity we are in today, a luxury. There is food on your table, uneaten, though prepared with bright-eyed ladies that want no harm to come to you.

Eat it, and quickly. Yesterday will just be like a wrinkle in your memory. Yesterday was that soul who drowned, it is dead, and it is gone. Time to step out, boy. Smile and greet the new day without that look of disdain. I know it seems impossibly so, but you will get it. You can greet the day without the scars of yesterday.

I see the shadows, lining your eyes. I can feel the roundness of the back that seems as if a dead weight on it. Stand straight backed, and live again, boy. You have to accept, move on. Paint the world a different color than the bleak black it has been painting you. Change your colors; I feel color blind when I look at you.

Finish your food, faster, without the guilt teeming in your brain. Let it eddy away, and hear her laughter bubble up in your mind. She is close to you, I know, but in retrospective, she is farther than she could ever be. Let her die, but hold onto her memories, and greet the day without the scars of yesterday.


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04:04pm 03/12/2004


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